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    Learning Tags in InDesign and Acrobat




      I'm learning tags in InDesign and Acrobat for ADA compliance. I have a number of questions and was wondering if anyone can recommend some good training courses or instructors? Doesn't have to be free. I'm looking for any good educational resources as well as legit workshops/training/online classes/courses/etc.


      I found this great video on Adobe by Michael Murphy (http://tv.adobe.com/watch/accessibility-adobe/preparing-indesign-files-for-accessibility/) and am looking for someone or something with this level of knowledge to help train my team and me.


      Some questions I've already run into as I've been figuring this out:

      1. When making tags in InDesign, do they nevertheless need to be edited in Adobe Acrobat after the PDF is exported?
      2. If the answer to the above is yes, does it make sense to create tags in InDesign if you must always edit those tags in the PDF? I realize tagging content in InDesign gives you a bit more control over the resulting tags in the PDF, but I’m wondering if that’s worth the time?



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          Eric Dumas Adobe Community Professional


          Can you confirm the version of InDesign you are using?


          Can you also explain if you want to tag the images? so content readers will read out loud the text (like a ALT tag on a web page) describing an image? or does it go deeper than that?

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            PilClau Level 1

            @Eric Dumas: Version of InDesign is the latest 2018 CC (13.1). And yes, we would also tag images.

            It's not so much about the version of InDesign, though, as it is about the academic knowledge of tags. I'm interested in learning all the ins and outs of creating and working with tags both in InDesign and Acrobat, which is why I'm looking for a good training course. It's just hard to find because it's such a specific topic. Thanks!