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    Search Functionality

      Hey There,

      On the Search tab, there are three options to search by. By default, the "Match similiar words" is selected.

      Is there anyway to change the default settings in my project so that the "Search titles only" option is the default instead?

      This would be such a huge benefit to my organization! Please help.

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          Pete Lees Level 2

          If you're referring to help in compiled HTML Help (.chm) format then I'm afraid that the advanced search feature isn't configurable to that extent.

          For what it's worth, any changes that a user makes to the settings on the Search tab are preserved from one session to the next, so it's just a question of choosing the preferred settings once.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            If I could ask a question here to add to Pete's reply. Are you referring to the Smart Index Wizzard which can search for title and text or just the title? If you are, then you can set the default options for the wizzard. Just go to Tools > Options and click on the Smart Index tab. In there set your default options and they will be used each time you run the wizzard.