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    Tried everything - stumped - stumped!

      Please help me if you can -

      I cannot get this movie to play - this is even the default page that's created with the flash movie -

      Could someone please look to see what I've done wrong -


      If someone is willing to help me I'll post exactly how I put it together (exact Adobe Tutorial)

      I had no luck here before - for over a week of my question posted - so went on line - and just
      paid a guy $100.00 to simply put the needed html code on my template page so the movie would play
      (I simply couldn't even get that right) . .

      Now he's telling me - that all the files (210 movies ie; AC_RunActiveContent.js, SkinUnderPlaySeekStop.swf, the ".fla", and the .swf" - all these are generated with each movie)

      Won't work - BECAUSE - there is only supposed to be ONE .swf file for the movie.

      He say's he's working in swift - and I told him I believe it's different for CS3 . . . .

      He says - nope - this supercharged program is supposed to render 1 swf file - and that
      IT should work . . . . .

      Please, could someone lend a hand on this . . . . I will provide all the files, and how I did it if you ask.

      I really, really need help.

      Thank you -

      Luke Wonderly