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    Indesign CS6 Crashing on opening file


      Hi guys - I clicked on a word to spell check it and got a pinwheel. Now my Indesign document crashes after opening - and the backups of this doc also crash. Just to be clear - my other .indd docs open without crashing. I have been working on this - the text part of a new graphic novel - all week.  I have done what I am supposed to - i.e. made regular backups - but these all crash.


      Is there any way some helpful person at Adobe - or anyone - can sort out this file? Maybe make me a clean inml?

      I have tried clearing my Indesign preferances file but no good.  I can't reinstall anything as I am in Qatar on an author tour and the disks are back in the UK.


      Indesign crashes before I can export it as an idml file.


      Here is a link if anyone can help. Please!