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    Can't install Flash Player 9

      I am trying to install Flash Player 9 on my computer (Windows XP). I click to accept the terms, the video starts to download it, but after about two seconds, I just get an 'x' in the top left hand corner, and I can't download it. I've tried all of the troubleshooting ideas, and am not able to figure this out. I had unistalled the old Flash Player as one of the steps it suggested, so now I don't have any Flash Player currently on my system. Has anyone had this problem, and can anyone give me ideas on what to do so I can download it? Thanks.
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          I have try to use the Flash Player 9. But it does not work.
          I tried to unistall it but it does not fininsh the unistalletion. It does like 80% of the job but it get frozen. Look like it try to find I file that does not exist. I have installed the Flash Player 9 again, according to Adobe instructions without any success. However if I use Mozilla Firebox I can see video OK. I have done all steps "Technical Support from Yahoo" as well from "Adobe" without any success.
          Any suggestion?