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    how to sync 'Collection Sets' (LR classic CC) into LR CC 'folders'?


      Since I got stuck with the Creative Cloud sync from Lightroom Classic CC, maybe someone here could give me a hint:


      Photography is one of my hobbies and so we have around 120.000 private digital photos stored on my windows 10 PC, backed up within the NAS (synology), cloud (livedrive) and from time to time physically (HDD, cellar).


      For sorting, editing and managing I am using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC, occasionally Photoshop CC. On my destop, everything is working fine. I sort the photos in folders (years, subfolders for holidays, smartphone snapshots and single day events).


      Sometimes I would like to edit / sort / share photos when not at home, so I bought the CC-Abo with 1TByte.

      Now I realize, that my catalogue folders are not synced, I have to put the pictures into a tree of 'collection sets' and 'collections', which I did.


      But now the problem: After syncing, all the collections appear. But not within the chosen 'collection sets', but all together, no matter which year a.s.o.


      In Lightroom CC (notebook, android-smartphone) the list is far too long. There are no of my 'collection sets'. There I can set folders with the same function, but they are obviously not synced backwards onto my Lightroom classic CC on my PC...


      My second problem: I can't get my 'smart collections' to be synced to CC.


      Any idea is gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much for your help!!!


      Daniel, Munich, Germany.