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    Trying to install Indesign CS4 from disk, "The Installer Database is Corrupt"

    Nohjekim Level 1



      I know that this is an old problem that's been around forever but I searched and still couldn't find an answer anyplace.

      I'm trying to move Indesign CS4 from my old computer to my new one.


      I deactivated it on my old computer and then put the DVD in my new PC and as soon as I try and run the install process, I get this message...


      "The Installer Base is Corrupt, Please contact Adobe Customer Service".


      I think that I may have had this same issue in the past when installing it on my old computer but, if I did I don't remember how to fix it.

      I'm running Windows 10 and installing from the Adobe DVD.


      I've seen dozens of posts about this problem with several different Adobe programs but no answers.  Both computers are running Windows 10.


      Any suggestions welcome.