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    Multiple catalogs within different drives & needing to move photos and/or catalogues


      I have somehow managed to move my LR to my slower drive (F:), but it is still in my faster drive (C:) (which already confuses me, but that is only part of my issue). There are now multiple catalogues in my slower F: drive (an original and a back-up). There is also a catalogue in my faster C: drive still as well. When I open LR up to my Library I cannot see my C: drive in the Folders (left pane) at all. I only see my F: drive. I want to move some of my photo folders from my F: drive to my C: drive, but can't because I can't see my C: drive in LR. I know if I move them outside of LR then LR won't be able to recognize them (or I won't be able to even locate the folder because I can't see my C: drive anyway). So, my question is: Outside of LR, can I move the LR folder (with all the catalogues and all the back-ups and everything) from my slower F: drive to my faster C: drive, or will that cause problems since there is still LR in my C: drive? If that does not cause problems, will LR be able to bring up all my photos, or will it have a hard time trying to figure out what catalogue to look at (the original C: drive catalogue compared to one of the multiple one's that was moved from my F: drive)? If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it!!