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    Trying to bypass pop-up blockers on a flash site

      Trying to bypass pop-up blockers on a flash site. Nothing malicious, just going from a Flash interface to html so I can write to a cookie. If I try to load the page in the same window, then when you go back to the flash you are starting from the beginning which makes it rather cumbersome. I was hoping to just load a pop-up to avoid this.

      Within the index.html page I have a javascript page loaded. In the .js file I have

      function Popupport_checkout(){
      myleft=(screen.width)?(screen.width-430)/2:100;mytop=(screen.height)?(screen.height-380)/2 :100;
      settings='top=' + mytop + ',left=' + myleft + ',width=430,height=380,location=no,directories=no, menubar=no,toolbar=no,status=no,scrollbars=yes,res izable=yes,fullscreen=no'
      PopupWin=window.open('cart_checkout.htm','PopupWin ', settings);

      If I have a button within flash with a --
      on (release) {
      --script it works fine.

      But if I have a text field set to html and load in the variable --
      &BUYLINK=<a href="javascript:Popupport_checkout()">PLACE ORDER</a>
      --if you click on PLACE ORDER it doesn't work.

      ANy help would be appreciated.