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    Lumetri Panel - Preview Custom LUTs Problem

    CameronB25 Level 1

      Apparently Premiere has a new location for adding third party LUTs to be able to view and select within the Lumetri Panel in Premiere Pro CC. For me, the previous location would inevitably crash Premiere when clicking through LUTs in the Lumetri Panel. I moved my third party LUTs (cube files) to Users/[user_name]/Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Creative  , and also made a Technical folder. Deleted the LUTs from the previous location for custom Luts, (within the Applications Folder/PremiereProCC - "Show Package contents" etc. ). It solved the problem of crashing Premiere when clicking through which is great - but I can't seem to click through the LUTs other than from the very top one, no matter which was previously selected. So of 200 or so LUTs, if I want to try out the last set within the panel (clicking through them) I'd have to click through all the way from the very first one 200 times to see the last set in the preview window. Anyone have this problem or know of a workaround?