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    NEED HELP ASAP! Video won't show up on preview screen!!




      So yesterday I updated my drivers using nvidia geforce experience and today when I tried to edit a video of mine the video and sound got imported to premiere pro successfully but then they won't show up on the preview screen! I get no error message but when i press "play" the time on the timeline doesn't change but I can hear the sound of the video. I even tried adding an older video that earlier worked but now even that won't show up. I need help as soon as possible as I need to edit this video before monday.


      My setup:


      Intel core i7 (8th gen)

      Nvidia Geforce 1070

      16GB DDR 4

      (Everything is fully updated)


      Is it because of the updated graphical drivers? it only happens when I use premiere pro which i think is weird.


      // Angelosfel premie.png