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    Flash file limit?

    OWoman Level 1
      Hello, I have uploaded 4 flash files to my site. When I test the page locally all 4 flash files show up and play. On my site only 2 of the 4 show up. Does anyone know why this happens?


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          RossRitchey Level 4
          1. Why do you load up 4 different swf video players on the same page? It would be better to load up 1 swf video player that has a menu built in, so you can pick which video you want to view, and only have 1 video up at a time.

          2. What is the file-size of these swf's and videos? While I was perusing the source code for some errors, the third video appeared, which tells me that the site is just having problems loading up all of the content. Indeed, while I write this, the fourth video appears. Perhaps you need to compress the videos some more, or take my suggestion from above, placing all videos into 1 swf, and allowing the user to pick which video they view.
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            OWoman Level 1
            The files are between 22 to 42 mg. I do not know how to have a menu and load different clips. I would certainly prefer to do it that way, I've tried in the past a couple of different ways. Are there any tutorials on how to do it?

            I had the files sizes smaller but wasn't happy with the quality. Any suggestions?

            thanks for your response and help
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              RossRitchey Level 4
              Those files are too big to load 4 simultaneously on the screen. Essentially, from the bandwidths standpoint, you are trying to view upwards of 168 MB of information. Even a high-bandwidth connection cannot readily do this.

              I would try shrinking the physical pixel size of your videos. Scale them down 50% from where they are, then you can use the same compression settings and have a much smaller file size.

              Otherwise, below are a couple tutorials for making a video player in flash.

              Here is a tutorial showing you how to make a video player with the Accordion component in Flash.


              Here is one showing you how to build a player that uses a list component as a menu, and uses XML to populate this list.


              For more information and tutorials, google Flash video player. There should be some nice pre-built ones that you can download to use if you don't want to build it yourself, or don't have Flash.