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    Premiere 2018 - 12.1 crashing when opening (some) projects


      Hi, i have Premiere 2018 - 12.1 on an Asus laptop with Win 10, Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M.

      In the last few days some projects i'm opening just being loaded and premiere immediately crashes, no option to import the project or its sequence to a new project since once the project is open - it crashes. i tried reinstalling Premiere and it didn't help.

      In some projects i do manage to open and edit the sequence but it many i get that crash.


      I have deleted all media cash, updated the Nvidia card and windows, uninstalled and reinstalled premiere, changed my cloud account etc.

      I can try and reinstall windows etc. but i have a feeling it might not help or not be the solution, What else can i do? :\