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    Lightroom Classic CC won't find nearby photos


      I recently moved some files into new folders in the Finder - I'm changing my folder structure a bit, so I moved files from one large folder into a series of sub-folders. In the past, I would:


      1. Select "Find Missing Photos"

      2. Click on and find the first missing photo, then LR would find all the missing photos that were in the new location

      3. Repeat for each file - as I would find one file in one folder, LR would find the remaining photos so I would only have to do this once for each new folder


      Now, sometimes it works, but I now have about a hundred missing photos, and when I find one, LR only sometimes finds the other missing files in that folder - sometimes all, but sometimes only one or two.


      I have clicked 'options' in hte find photos dialog, and the 'find missing photos' is checked.


      Any way to fix this?