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    Lost User Profile

      Due to a server crash, my user profile had to be recreated. Now, when I open a project in RH5, it does not have all the settings in tact. Most obvious is that although the stylesheets are still in the project and appear (mostly) correctly in WYSIWYG mode, they are not applied when I generate the Help.

      I need to know what specific files does my IT support need to restore from my old profile to regain my RH settings? He couldn't find anything that was obvious to him.

      A quick response will allay my panic! Thank you, Paula
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          As long as your projects are not stored within Program Files, uninstall RH and reinstall it.

          You must use your logon and have admin rights attached. See my site for more information about that.

          Settings are lost when a profile is trashed but reinstalling will make RH work again. Your problem is, I think, because RH is not recognising you as being the authorised user because of the profile being changed.