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    Showing highlighted clip in source monitor without having to double click?




      I do a LOT of media managing, and it is always a pain to have to double click every single clip every time I try to change metadata on my files.


      On the project tab, I have all my clips. I press the "Description" tab, and it lets me edit it. If I double click the clip, it shows in the Source monitor.


      My problem lies in having to double click every single clip just to change simple information on the metadata (like a slate on the first frame). Is there a way where when I press Enter, the next clip gets selected to edit metadata AND it shows up on the source monitor? That would save me a lot of headache when editing metadata quickly.


      Below is an image as example. I already labeled 2E-3 and pressed enter to edit the data of another clip, but 2E-3 still shows on the source. If I double click the clip I'm trying to edit, then I get that video on the source monitor.


      Is there an option? What about a shortcut that shows the highlighted clip on the source monitor? As long as I can stay on the keyboard and not have to switch between mouse and keyboard, it would really streamline my workflow.