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    Premiere Pro Scripting Error Handling

    johnt53984649 Level 2

      Premiere Pro scripting is still relatively new to me, so I don't quite understand that much about it.  Let's just say I want a simple .jsx script that, when run, it imports several different .jpg images in a directory, and if any of those .jpg images fail to be imported correctly (perhaps they are corrupted, or Premiere cannot read the special format they might be in for example), then it throws an error, which the code should then catch and take an appropriate error action.


      How might something like this be achieved with Premiere Pro .jsx extendscript scripting?  In pseudocode, it would look something like this:


      For each file in directory:
                Import file into project
           Catch(import failure error)
                Alert("file failed to import!")


      Can something like this be done with Premiere Pro scripting?  If so, can you please provide example code that would achieve this?  Thank you.