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    SOLUTION: contribute cannot verify your connection information

      I have had problems for a couple of days when attempting to get past the remote folder selection page after setting up FTP.

      A solution that worked for us was modifying our .htaccess file from this:

      RewriteEngine on
      RewriteRule !(\.(gif|jpg|png|css|txt|swf|js|xml))$ index.php

      to this:

      RewriteEngine on
      RewriteRule !(\.(gif|jpg|png|css|txt|swf|js|xml|tmp|htm))$ index.php

      We added tmp and htm to the htaccess file. Contribute attempts to write a series of .htm files to test permissions etc, I remember reading something about Contribute writing the file and retrieving it and comparing. In our case I think the Rewrite Engine was preventing writing .htm files, although saying this the logs ct3netperformancelog didn't suggest this.

      Anyway it works now.
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          I do not know much at all about websites. Could you please give step-by-step directions on how to add the tmp file to the access file? I do not know how to even find this file. Thanks!
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            i can view the .htaccess file after attempting to complete the Choose File on Website dialog box. Having received the message in a window, " Contribute needs to locate your website on the FTP server. What folder contains your website?" - I enter something like /www/ This enables me to view folders including an "admin" that includes .htaccess However, I cannot open or modify this .htaccesss file.. After trying many variations for a folder name, I still receive the message, "Contribute cannot verify your connection info /www/ Please contact your administrator for assistance." My administrator states that all of my info entered is correct. Any assistance would be appreciated. LightBob
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              amadas Level 1
              Hi Robert,

              Contribute will throw the error "Contribute cannot verify your connection info.. Please contact your administrator for assistance" in the following cases:

              1. Giving invalid http website url.
              - Can you try and verify if the Website url you are providing in Step2 of Connection wizard actually works fine? Can you copy and paste the url in any normal browser and see if it works?

              2. Did you try to create a symbolic link to /var/www/html directory? If no, then follow here:

              a) Telnet to your linux machine.
              b) cmd$ pwd
              c) Create a symbolic link to /var/www/html/site1 directory
              <site1> is the directory of your website.
              cmd$ ln -s /var/www/html/site1 mySite
              - This command will create a sybolic link named "mySite" pointing to the "Website Root of your site".
              d) cmd$ ls -l
              - Verify Symbolic link is created
              e) cmd$ cd mySite
              - Change your directory to "mySite". Verify it will allow the user to move to that particular directory /var/www/html/site1 for which you have all permissions (Typically you can have 776) permissions for that directory.

              Now Enter the website url as - http://servername/mySite/
              - Verify this Web address works fine in browser and displays your site.

              f) In contribute, Enter this Website url in connection wizard2.
              g) Enter proper FTP User id details (as used above)
              h) Now contribute should not prompt you to select the directory to which you need to connect.

              This is only related to how you configure Apache to have a symbolic link created in user home directory. This is the only way some one can access his own site on a unix machine via any FTP client or the same with Contribute.

              Hope this helps.

              Arun (Contribute Team)
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                Have you figured out the answer to this problem. I"m having the same problem and was never having it before. The solution from the contribute team didn't help cuz I don't even have a directory on my server call /var/www/html.

                Any insight would be so great!
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                  I am having a similar problem, but it is only happening on two XP machines. I get the same "Contribute cannot verify your connection information" error on these two machines. The odd thing is that it works fine on my Win2k Pro machine and another Windows XP machine, so I have determined it has to be a setting within the OS that is causing this issue.

                  It is strange as it connects to the server fine, pulls the FTP configuration, but as soon I am asked to specify the "Remote Path Information" on these two machines, I get the error. I can even browse the server via the "Choose" button, but get no further.

                  Any help on this would be much appreciated.
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                    I am getting the same error message for one of my Contribute users. We use Local/Network for connecting to web server.

                    I have triple-checked what she is entering and I cannot fault it.

                    URL is correct - she can browse to it and I have used exactly the same URL for my settings.

                    I noticed, however, that I personally got the same error as her when I linked to the URL via: http://intranet/index.cfm - I had to change it to: http://intranet/ - so I did that for her but it did not help.

                    Other than that she put the same settings as me and all good for me but she can't get past the 'what is the network path to your website' screen...

                    I have been supporting her remotely so am visiting her tomorrow to see if there is anything I can do from her end... :-(
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                      On my site I had the same problem so I came across this thread. The solution for my problem was that the web server was (for security reasons) denying web access to the web folder, that is the URL similar to this:


                      So I've put this:

                      SecFilterEngine Off

                      in my .htaccess file and it worked.

                      WARNING: This directive disables some security features for the site where is used so it should be used with caution. I suggest not to use this unless you know what you are doing. Also I don't take any responsibility for any problems that might occur by using this directive.