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    Export Quiz/Tutorial Data (LMS?)


      I have purchaed a copy of breeze presenter (no access to the breeze server) and would like to incorporate the breeze content into a e-learning section of a web application that is running on ASP.Net/SQL Server 2000.

      I have read that Breeze presenter exports/ communicates results & stats (not sure how) in SCORM or AICC format. I understand that these are existing standards used by Learning Management Systems (LMS's) so that any courseware that makes its results available in a specific format can be plugged into a conforming LMS.

      I would like to get these results and stats (ie. whose done which tutorials) and manage access using my existing database, users and groups structures. I would like to go past just storing which users have accessed which presentation to get the more powerful information such as how far they got through it, what were their quiz scores etc...

      How should I go about this?

      a. do I need to build a small LMS? Does this just mean developing code that will read XML in SCORM/AICC format?
      b. is there existing open source / free LMS I should look to integrate into my system
      c. Is there another way to get this data out of a breeze presentation (.swf) (javascript/actionscript??)

      Any help would be appreciated . I'm not quite sure how to articulate what I'm after but I hope you get the idea.

      Many thanks,