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    Sort order with 2 Sony cameras using LR


      I recently switched from Canon to Sony Mirrorless

      When I shoot hockey or ringette I always shoot with 2 cameras( one with a 24-70 for close up action and a 70-200 on another camera body for far away action)

      Minutes before the game I would go into my Canon cameras and set the time exactly the same on both bodies

      With Canon you can set it to the second but with Sony its only to the minute

      When I got home from the games I would dump the RAW files into a subfolder within hockey or ringette

      Then I would go to View>> Sort>> Capture Time and everything would be in order

      Then I would cull the files and edit

      I di this yesterday with Sony Files and it doesn't sort them even tho the camera date and time is identical

      So now I have a goalie in one end and then in the next pic the goalie is in the opposite end and then 2 files later its back in the original end

      Its very noticeable by the different backgrounds

      I started with 320 pics  and have culled and edited it down to 151 edited files that are ready to post on the teams Facebook page

      But I need to get these in order

      I've tried capture time and that didn't work

      I'm now 12 hrs late in posting these pic and need to get this corrected

      I can't move the pics either nor do I have a way to determine the correct sequence if I could

      Ex- a player is coming down the ice, next pic is the high 5"s on the bench then the next pic shows the puck or ring going in the net

      Help please