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    Can't find bottleneck in my system

    yannick P.

      Greetings Adobe community! I'm currently working on buying some components in the hopes of editing uncompressed 4K natively from my external drive. However, I'm struggling with what to tackle next. Mind you, I've also worked on the following mac and my edits run just fine (it runs on CC) but when I run the same edit on CS6 on my machine, which shares similar specs as with the mac, it slows down in the playback like crazy.


      here's the Mac I've worked on:


      it's processor is an Intel i5 4-core 3.2GHz

      16 MB of memory

      GPU: AMD Radeon R9 M380


      now here's how my system looks


      - CPU: Intel core i5 4590 3.30 GHz 4-core Processor

      - Motherboard: Gigabyte H97-D3H-CF

      - Memory (RAM): G.Skill - Ripjaws X series DDR3 - 1600 memory

      - Video card (GPU): Asus Radeon Rx 580 8GB

      - Power supply: Corsair TX 650W


      storage configured as such

      - C drive: Seagate ST2000DM 001-CH164 SCSI (not an SSD by the way, lol I know)

      the C drive contains the OS (Windows 7 family edition 64 bits), as well as Adobe CS6 (planning to upgrade to CC very soon)

      - Western Digital My Passport 25E1 USB Device: the drive I work off of; where I keep the premiere projects and folders.


      thanks in advance. cheers.

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          Sumeet Kumar Choubey Adobe Employee

          Hi yannick P,


          The hardware requirements for Premiere Pro for getting better performance will be dependent on the complexity of the timeline and the type of media and effects applied to the media clips. Generally, to edit 4K media efficiently you would need a better processor like i7 8700K or higher and also a better GPU like GTX 1080 or similarly performing GPUs. RAM requirement would be dependent on the length and complexity of the timeline. Usually, 32GB-64GB should be a good starting point.

          You may refer to this link to know how different hardware would perform with Premiere Pro.


          Hope you find it useful, let us know if you have any questions.



          Sumeet Kumar Choubey