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    "open as layers in Photoshop" very frequently just opening 1 file




      I am having this issue for a couple of years now already and I thought let's wait till I have bought a new Macbook Pro to see if the problem resolves itself, but apparently it didn't. I did some searching on the internet about it but can't seem to find a fix for it. The problem is that when I select multiple files in Lightroom to get them stacked in Photoshop and select edit in --> open as layers in Photoshop... very frequently only opens just one of the files and also has an empty layer named 'Load Layers'. After that nothing happens. I added a screenshot to show how it looks.


      Anyone has an idea how to fix this kind of annoying and time wasting issue?


      Kind regards,

      Eric Smeets.
      Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.15.28.jpg