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    Mystery Duplicated Folder & Subfolders

    Mikey44MagBiker Level 1

      Folder Dupe.JPG

      While doing a historical check on some old images, I found a duplicate folder, including sub-folders, in my LR Classic library.  In my long history of using the various LR versions I cannot remember any time I’ve ever duplicated a whole folder ~ on purpose or by accident.

      For reference I’m on Win7/64 and up to date on Adobe apps.

      The image shows my library, open to my grandson’s {Nathan} section, and I’ve selected the two folders that amaze me.  I have filtered to “Filename contains  0285 and show the duplicate images.  My file naming convention is to set the DSLR every month using YYM_ then a sequence beginning with all zeros.  The months are one(1) through nine(9) then X for October, Y for November and Z for December.

      Close inspection of the attached will also show that I did upgrade the camera body from a D7000 to a D810. However I never import using LR directly to a connected Nikon.  It does goofy things with .dng conversion.  I use Windows to fill the folder then import in-place and proceed with my workflow.

      Sorry, I have no idea how long the folder might have been there.  I have not done a duplicate file finder check for others although I plan to do so. 

      Can anyone think of some stupid mistake or keystroke anomaly that would cause this to happen?  Is there any bug that might?  Believe me, I’ve had my share of bungles over the years but none on this scale!
      Thanks in advance,
      Mike LeDuc
      Valparaiso, Indiana