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    Just did the update to 2019 and opening a project from the other day is giving me trouble

    rovner.michael Level 1

      So I updated to the lastest CC version of premiere, and the project I was working on the previous day is now giving me trouble.


      I get the following warning:
      "A low-level exception occurred in: lvcode64.dll (GetAVICodecs)"
      Then, when I try to drag any .mxf clips from my bin (shot on a Canon XF350s, XF300s, and XF100s) it won't let me drop them onto the video portion of the timeline but will let me drop them on the audio portion of the time line. Specifically in a sequences set for those cameras.


      Explain this malarkey and render aid!


      My system specs if Relevant:


      • Motherboard: MSI – Z370-A PRO
      • CPU: Intel Core i3-8350K
      • Memory: GeIL POTENZA DDR4-2400 2 x 8GB
      • Graphic Card: MSI GeForce GTX 1050 2GB
      • Hard Drive: Seagate BarraCuda Pro 2TB
      • CPU Cooling: Cooler Master – Hyper 212 EVO
      • Case: DIYPC – Solo-T1-R
      • Power Supply: EVGA – 500W 80+ Bronze

        Now, when I first finished the update and tried to open, it said I needed to update the drivers of my graphics card. I was still able to open before hand, and found this problem initially. Then I went to NVidia's website and updated my drivers and installed their stupid Nvidia Experience program which threw me for a loop because it was replacing my real audio drivers and couldn't hear — until I set it back which was a minor annoyance, but then when I opened Premiere again I was having the same problems as I initially described above.

        I seek solutions. I will answer any additional questions to acquire those solutions. Be you fellows frustrated in this manner on the ground or techs from on high within the lofty prowess and resources of adobe itself, I plead your aid.


      Moderator note: please avoid using profanity. We have users of all ages reading these forums.

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