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    How to make LR smart collection as smart as C1's smart album?


      I really like the smart album function of Capture one and wanted to implement the same in Lightroom. I still think the Lightroom editing functions are better.


      I found the plugin: Jeffrey’s “Collection Publisher” Lightroom Plugin


      It is almost perfect except it makes use of the smart collection functionality of LR and that isn't as smart as the smart album functionality from C1.


      Let me explain with this example. This is the C1 smart album functionality:


      And this is the LR smart collection with Jeffrey's plugin:

      LR smart collection.png


      There are two steps.

      First: I want all photos containing the name and 5 star rating. (That is because I don't want all photos of that team in the collection)

      Second: I want some race photos in the collection with 5 star rating.


      The point is, the race photos are for all other teams too, so they don't have the team name in the discription.


      In C1 you can match multiple groups of rules. So I get the team photos and I will get the race photos in my collection and I am happy.


      In LR you can only match 1 group of rules so I have to put those race photos manually in all racing team folders afterwards.


      Is it possible to make the LR smart collection smarter?