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    how to get object from a web service?

      I'm trying to use a webservice within my flex application that returns an object.
      I get this error: warning: unable to bind to property 'DD' on class 'String' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)
      I'm using this code, and I have other methods in the same webservice that works, but they only returns one String.
      <mx:WebService id="getTest" wsdl=" http://localhost:6060/webservice/getTest?WSDL">
      <mx:operation name="getWebObject" resultFormat="object"></mx:operation>
      <mx:operation name="sayHello"></mx:operation>
      Then I call the method like this:
      [webService id].[operation name].lastResult.[name of the Object from the wsdl file].[name of the String that i need from the wsdl] as: getTest.getWebObject.lastResult.ObjectTest.DD

      The Object description in the wsdl file looks like this:
      <complexType name="ObjectTest">
      <element name="DD" type="string" />
      <element name="DR" type="string" />

      Can anyone please tell me how I can bind the property to the object correct?
      I allso need to use another method that returns an ArrayList of the same object?
      Is this possible?