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    What sequence preset should I use to edit 4k

    MagentaScreen Level 1



      I am new to editing with 4k footage and was hoping for some guidance on what sequence preset to use (or if it matters). Currently I use DBX RGB 444 1080p 23.976

      I would love for it to keep the quality when I export it.

      Thank you!

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Either drag a clip to the empty timeline or New Item icon at the bottom of the Project window to make a matching sequence.

          Quality of the export depends on the export settings.

          What is the final destination of the movie?

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            MagentaScreen Level 1

            Slideroom or some other file sharing service. It is to apply to colleges.

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              Sumeet Kumar Choubey Adobe Employee

              Hi Maddie D,


              There are multiple options here for getting the suitable sequence settings for the media type you are using.

              You may either simply first import the media into the project bin/panel and then right click on it and select New Sequence From Clip.

              This will automatically create a sequence based on the settings of the media file used.

              In case you want to create the sequence first and then import the media files in the project bin/panel or the timeline. Then you may follow these steps.

              • Once you have created/opened the project, you may click on File>New>Sequence
              • Then from the New Sequence window which opens, you may select one of the 4K presets based on the resolution and the frame rate of your media. You may find one of the suitable presets for your media-resolution and frame rate under DNxHR > 4K  or RED R3D > 4K or HD4K


              Also, your export settings would be governed by the fact where the exported media would be finally delivered.

              Usually, for exporting 4K media for web-based services you may use h.264 as format and use Vimeo or YouTube 2160p 4K Ultra HD preset. In case if the exported media is supposed to be used for the archival purpose or for further grading then you may use other formats and codecs which are less compressed like DNxHR/DNxHD MXF OP1a format if on Windows and Quicktime format with Prores codec if on Mac.


              Hope this helps, let us know if you have any questions.



              Sumeet Kumar Choubey