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    Color settings won't sync/stick in CC 2019 Apps [macosx 10.14]

    displaystar Level 1

      Upgraded to the new 2019 Versions of the CC apps today, but I am unable to sync the color settings across apps.  Also, the color setting do not stick within the individual apps. I update the universal color settings in bridge and apply, if I quit and relaunch bridge the color settings indicate they are not synced.


      If I open Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign the color settings are indeed not synced.  I can manually update the settings in each app, but as soon as I quit, and relaunch, each app, the color settings have reverted back to their 'defaults'.


      I have deleted all CC applications and data, run the CC Cleaner app, reinstalled CC from scratch and the color setting issue still remains.


      This behavior isn't happening with the 2018 versions of the apps.  I can set a global color setting in Bridge and it will apply to all apps.

      The apps maintain the color setting between quit and relaunch.


      Mainly just curious if anyone else has seen this behavior?

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