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    Importing images - best res and file type?

      What is the best file type and resolution for creating crisp graphics in Flash, when importing from Photoshop?

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          sharkcellar Level 1

          It all depends on the size of your stage and what you plan on doing with the graphics. If you will not be zooming in on your image save it at 300dpi. If you plan on making the image larger than its original size I would say make it 600dpi, then you can at least scale it up twice as large without it getting pixelated. Scaling down is not a problem, it's scaling up that can get you in trouble. If your image has transparency then save it as a PNG file. That way you'll be able to use all of your transparent areas effectively. I usually just save my files as PNG anyway then if I decide to go in an mess with them later on I won't have to convert to a different format.

          hope that helps.