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    Adobe Send & Track for Microsoft Outlook – Acrobat and .oft Outlook Templates


      I've recently purchased DC Adobe and with that came the 'Adobe Send & Track for Microsoft Outlook – Acrobat' plug-in for my Outlook 2016.

      Realised today, this plug-in was causing issues with not opening .oft email templates with MS Word field controls in them i.e. .ofts with text fields, dropdowns and date picklists would not open at all.  The .oft files without the MS Word field controls opened.


      As soon as I unchecked this add-in, everything opened as normal.  Our company is doing an upgrade to DC Adobe and as the template setup is company wide as well,  they want an overall solution to disabling the plug-in at install.


      What is this plug-in used for and why would it stop the opening of .oft files with MS Word field controls in them?


      If not crucial, is there a solution not to have this activated at install?


      Thank you