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    Stack Lag, Simultaneous addChild/addtoState Issues

      It would be great if someone could help explain a few issues I have been having:

      - The main issue I have been dealing with is a lag time between addChild/removeChild and the load of the Images, and the actual finished load of the images (complete with height and width). Is there a hack that properly checks and halts all other code until the action is off the stack?

      For my particular application, when I check if the object exists as a child admist addChild/removeChild calls, sometimes it is and sometimes its not. I'm currently using a hack to make sure the height and width values are loaded, but I don't know enough about the internal architecture to write a hack for addChild/removeChild calls on the stack.

      - Is there a function that checks if an object exists as a child without throwing an error if it is not? It seems everything that getChildIndex, etc will throw runtime errors if it is not a child. While it may be a workaround to catch the errors, it still doesn't return the existence of the object as a child.

      - Is there a way to simultaneously add a child to a specific position to an displayobject and a mxml defined state?