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    Fuji XT3 RAW Support

    NorthernXposure Level 1

      I've downloaded the latest updated which is supposed to support Fuji XT3 RAF files. I does indeed now at least recognise them but changing the white balance to anything other than 'As Shot' results in a horrible green colour cast - this needs fixed asap and should never have been released with as issue as obvious as this!

      Image on shown on the Left is a 'Cloudy' white balance and 'As shot' on the right.


      Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 19.35.20 copy.jpg

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi NorthernXposure,


          Sorry to hear that the raw images from the Fuji XT-3 are changing the white balance with a green tint once "As shot" option is selected. this. Our Engineering team have identified this issue and currently working on it.




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            NorthernXposure Level 1

            Thanks Akash, wrong way round though :-) 'As shot' looks ok - it's all the other options eg Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Shade etc that cause the problem.


            Regards, David

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              AJCameron Level 1

              I have same issue with Fuji X-T3... Problem also exists for X-T3 files in the updated Photoshop / Camera Raw 11.


              I noticed that when X-T3 RAF files imported with ""as Shot" develop settings that there is an inordinant amont of magenta tint applied in the develop module of approx +58 ? .... although the "as shot" image looks fine on screen, but as previous report when devating from "as shot" the image goes all to pot!

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I believe if you read the response from Akash you'll find that he has indicated that Adobe engineering has identified the problem and is working on it. I have downloaded a sample image from that camera model and can confirm the issue. But at this time there isn't an immediate fix. It is something that will have to be remedied in an upcoming update.

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                  NorthernXposure Level 1

                  You kind of have to wonder though why this version of Lightroom was released when they 'knew' about it - there's another forum post about Adobe's DNG convertor app that was released a couple of weeks ago that apparently had the same reported issue.

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                    als76947342 Level 1

                    I just sold my Nikon D500 and purchased the XT-3.  I was shocked that I can’t get the results I was used too.

                    My yearly subscription is due to be renewed in two months and I will not renew if this item is not corrected.  I can spend the $119 on another program that works. 

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                      davidg36166309 Level 4

                      A couple of things.


                      1. Most Many long term Fuji X owners have hated Adobe RAF conversion from day 1. Some of this is earned (by Adobe) especially early on, some of this is perceived (the poor RAF conversion line of thought took on a life of its own early on), some of this has been fixed, some of this is user error (typically by those who sharpen early on and especially over sharpen).


                      As a result many Fuji X owners use third party RAF converters. Very popular is Iridient X-Transformer.


                      Iridient Digital - Iridient X-Transformer


                      https://blog.thomasfitzgeraldphotography.com/blog/2017/3/updated-iridient-x-transformer-se ttings



                      2. I encourage you to join https://www.fujix-forum.com/  if not already a member.


                      P.S. Adobe fouled up on the X-T3, not only in LightRoom, but in Adobe Camera Raw, and in the DNG converter (all related, all the same issue)


                      No, the fuji users are not happy with Adobe.

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                        als76947342 Level 1

                        I just joined Fuji-Forum several days ago.  I pay yearly for LR/PS and plan on dropping my subscription when it’s due soon.  It was great when I had my D500 but doesn’t seem to work the same with myXT-3.  It appears that Fuji is a niche camera market and not enough users to force Adobe to correct the problem.  And, Fuji doesn’t have the clout as well.

                        This wouldn’t be a problem if it were Nikon, Canon or Sony.  I should have done more research when I considered making the switch as Sony doesn’t seem to have this problem.  I do love my camera but don’t like the fact that I can’t use the software I am used to.  Once I switch from Adobe there is no returning.

                        I appreciate you reaching out to me even if it’s bad news.

                        Thank you




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