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    question about GPU requirements in Premiere pro CC




      I am considering to get Premiere Pro for video editing and i think my system meets most of requirements except for the Vram in the GPU.

      My card has 3gb Vram but the requirements says that it should be 4gb. I wonder if the program will work fine with 3gb or is it necessary to have 4gb for it to work at all?


      I have listed the components in my system below. Will this system work for premiere pro?


      Thank you for any help


      My system:


      Windows 10 pro 64

      Samsung 850 EVO 500GB 2.5" SSD (windows)

      Kingston SSD 240GB (steam)

      WD desktop Black 4tb

      Corsair vengeance DDR3 32gb 1600MHz

      AMD FX 8350 4 GHZ

      Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 directcu ii 3GB vram

      MSI 970 gaming motherboard

      Eizo 27” Coloredge CX271 2560x1440