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    Where did my layers disappear to ?

      I am a newbie to Flash CS3. I purchased a book entitled "Creating a Web Site with Flash CS3 Professional" by David Morris. Working with this book, you can create a Flash CS3 website.

      I'm able to follow along with the instructions O.K. I got to a place in the book where I had to insert a number of layers, that spanned 75 frames. "Playing" the timeline would cause letters to move onto the stage one at a time and spell a word and do some other things. About 7 layers were involved. I then "tested" the movie it played fine. I saved and closed down the screen. The next time I opened the flash file there were only 3 layers that spanned twenty frames! If you click on the "play" in the Control menu,... there is no annimation obviously because four of the layers are missing. However, when i click on "test movie" in the Control menu, the movie plays fine with the annimated letters doing what they are supposed to do.

      This actually happened twice while going through the chapters in the book. At one point I had 4 layers and all of a sudden there was only one layer (and the author's instruction in the very next chapter indicated that there only would be one layer! What happened to the other 3? I continued building the website until my latest issue of loosing four of the seven layers I had.

      Is there something about the Flash CS3 program that hides or deletes layers from time to time... but will still play a movie? If so, how do I get the missing layers to re-appear on the timeline?
      Any help will be appreciated. I can't finish my sample website project unless I can get at the missing layers.