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    AirPods and Premiere Pro CC

    tae woongk66239079

      Hi guys


      Due to the nature of how AirPods are registered (Each side is a separate bluetooth device), Premiere seems to think one is for output and one is for input as per screenshot below:

      Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.55.31 am.png


      Forcing AirPod 2 into 2 CH 44.1khz makes it try it for a bit then fail back to 1 CH 16kHz. I know probably nobody here really use AirPods for editing purposes but is there a workaround?


      Because 1 CH is being forced, the airpods seem to spread that 1ch across both airpods making it a mono 16khz, and sound quality is absolutely the worst. Sounds like a telephone call.


      Once i quit Premiere, it lets me change it to 2CH 44.1khz and swaps back to 1CH 16khz when i open premiere again.


      Thanks in advance