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    CFExchangeCalendar Modify a single occurence

      I'm trying to figure out how to modify a single occurrence of an Exchange Calendar record. It seems that Exchange server assigns the same UID to every occurrence of a recurring event. Using cfexchangecalendar action="modify" with the UID parameter, seems to modify the root recurring event without a means to isolate a single occurrence to possibly reschedule or add notes. I tried adding cfexchangefilter to the modify block to filter by StartTime, but that does not seem to allow me to modify a specific occurrence by date.

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          aRs3N1c42 Level 1
          An update:

          After removing the cfexchangefilter from the modify tag it seems that instead of modifying a single occurance, it inserted a new recurring event which does not appear in Outlook.

          Here is the code I'm prototyping.

          <cfset ModifyEvent = StructNew() />
          <cfset ModifyEvent.StartTime = "1/27/09 11:00:00" />
          <cfset ModifyEvent.EndTime = "1/27/09 11:30:00" />

          <cfexchangeCalendar action="modify" uid="#UID#" event="#ModifyEvent#" mailboxName="#mailboxname#" server="#servername#" protocol="https" username="#username#" password="#Password#" />

          The occurrence I'm trying to modify has a StartTime of 1/27/09 10:00:00 and an end time of 1/27/09 10:30:00.
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            aRs3N1c42 Level 1
            Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, amusing anecdotes that relate to this issue?