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    How to create Index

      Dear Comunity Guiders

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          Hi Robo777

          You are asking how to build an index? There are several ways. It depends on whether you want RoboHelp to assist you with it or whether you want to build it manually.

          To build it automatically, click Tools > Smart Index Wizard and follow the prompts.

          To build it manually, you will need to display the Index designer. If you have RoboHelp 6, X5, X4 or maybe older, you should see an Index tab on the left side of the application at the bottom. Click it.

          If you have RoboHelp 7, click View > Pods > Project Manager. Then expand the Index folder and finally double-click the Index. The Index designer pod should display.

          Once here, you simply type the words you want in the index in the top area, add them to the file and associate the topics you want them to link to.

          Hopefully this helps a bit... Rick