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    Web gallery export has no images


      I have an intermittent problem with exporting to a web gallery:  sometimes the export has no images, even thought it has all the html and other resources (css, js, misc).

      Any idea why and how to fix it?


      • I've tried different web gallery templates, and even the "HTML gallery" under Classic Gallery Templates fails.
      • The number of images does seem to make a difference, in that if there are only a few images to test, the export works, but with a few thousand images, it fails.
      • I've tried narrowing it down to a specific image by exporting first half of the ones I want, then the second half.  I've spent a lot of time with such narrowing, but all individual images work, but when there is a group of even a few hundred from one day, the export fails.
      • I'm using LR 6.14 (I guess this is classic).
      • I've also optimized the catalog, restarted LR, rebooted the computer, selected only images (no video).

      Something must be corrupted somewhere, but how to even tell what?