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    How to send ArrayCollection to CFC?

    mcadle Level 1
      Ok, for whatever reason, I am having tons of probs here. I have an ArrayCollection;
      var tmp:ArrayCollection = ([{Field1:data,Field2:data}]);

      Via http service, I am trying to send it to a CFC. I can't use a remoteobject, so lets not go that route.

      I have my service defined to the cfc and the operation defined. I am calling the service via AS like:


      In my CFC, I have:

      <cfargument name="tmp" type="query">

      I then used a loop to go over it and process the data. The problem is, I get the fun 2032 stream error. I know data is in the ArrayCollection. I know the service method works, because I use it all the time. I normally pass individual arguments and not as an array. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone give a brief example of how to pass an ArrayCollection to a CFC and then process it?