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    TOC books don't open in Firefox

      It has been a couple of months since the 'TOC books don't open in Firefox' issue was raised, so I was hoping that someone might be able to help with my problem that seems to be closely related...

      Problem: I am generating WebHelp using RoboHelp for HTML version 7 and viewing in Firefox The TOC books don't open in Firefox (IE is okay) via autosync unless I have previously opened them manually. If I manually open half the books, then only those books will autosync - it's as if Firefox has to be shown each book before it will automatically open it when browsing or searching for topics, etc. When I re-open the WebHelp I have to manually open all the books again before Firefox will autosync. This also happens in the simplest of WebHelp projects with just two books.
      Attempts to fix problem: I have made all the changes to files suggested on the forums and Peter Grainge's (excellent) site. My default topic is not within a book and is at the top of the TOC. None of my books are linked to topics. Adobe's official line is "no issues with Firefox", so they don't know of this problem. I did not have this problem when using RoboHelp 6.

      I need to know if I am alone in experiencing this problem - if so there is obviously something wrong with my setup, so I will concentrate on the way that I am using RoboHelp and its configuration, etc.

      If anyone reading this has, or has not, experienced this problem, please let me know - many thanks.