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    Lightroom Classic is de-syncing flagged photos


      I just updated to the latest version of everything. I am editing photos using Lightroom Classic and my flags are disappearing.


      My method of editing is as follows: Upload all images to a collection in Lightroom CC. Then I cull images using flags; I flag the keepers. Then I sync the flagged photos into their own Smart Collection in Lightroom Classic and edit in that collection.


      What is happening is that photos are either disappearing as I complete the edits. In Lightroom CC, they are still flagged and they appear to be edited, but they are no longer synced to Lightroom CC. I have tried reinstalling Lightroom, rebooting, re-syncing - nothing is helping. I've never seen this happen before - this is the first wedding I'm editing after yesterday's update.


      Any ideas?


      (And yes, I did rebuild the sync data)