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    Can't open already created project

      I am total Flex beginner and I have tried lots of ways how to open one existing Flex project, but it looks too complicated for me. I think problem is that I've got nonstandard project source.

      Please take a look at this source here picasa-image-express.swf_SRC.zip

      Can you please write a short manual how to open this project and compile it to SWF ?
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          Step 0. Unzip the file.
          Step 1. Start Flex Builder (I use version 3)
          Step 2. Flie/New/Flex Project
          Step 3. Name the Project main and click Finish
          Step 4. Open the unzipped main.mxml file in some editor/NotePad & copy everything and paste it into Flex Builder in place of the default code.
          Step 5. Copy the components and pkg folder from the zip file into the project and paste the into the Flex src folder.

          That will let the project get build, there are some other resources needed to really run it but hopefully that info is at the place where you got the zip file.

          Good Luck, I too am a beginner but am enjoying learning Flex.

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            So.What Level 1
            Thanks! :) You helped me a lot!
            Happy New Year!