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    Removed merge references, but search still merged

    Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
      Hi all,

      I'm in the somewhat unusual situation of not being able to un-merge some projects. I've deleted all of the merge references in the TOC, however the index and search are still returning results for the old files. Additionally, the [MERGE FILES] section of the hhp shows a list of files - and not even the correct list that used to appear in the TOC.

      I have left all the old chm files in the same directory as the parent chm, but I had understood that no merging occurred unless the files were referenced in the parent TOC.

      Am I misunderstanding how merging works in RH6? Does anyone know where RH is getting the list that is being populated in the hhp file (I've deleted all the files in that section of the hhp, but it gets put back in.)?
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          You might try going into the !SSL! folder and deleting the chw file as well as the old chm files you *don't* want to be merged. My experience is only with RH5 so if RH 6 handles merge differently, my advice may not be correct.

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            Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
            Well, that's really weird. After deleteing all chm files in the project root directory and recompiling, the merged TOC isn't occurring any more, although the incorrect merge files are still listed in the hhp file. I've deleted them several times, and RH keeps adding them back.

            If anyone can throw light on where these references come from I'd be grateful, as I need to set up the merge again, but the correct file references are being replaced by the old incorrect ones.

            Oh, further information, the project is in Visual Source Safe. Maybe that is the problem, as when I try to recreate the merge references in the TOC I get the following error "The files in the list below could not be found in version control. You may need to get the latest version of this project before you can execute the selected action".

            (Of course it isn't in source control! I deleted the references, and RH obligingly deleted it from VSS for me!!! and not to mention is shouldn't be in source control here, but that's another story entirely...)
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              Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2
              Okay, I finally found the answer.

              In the xpj file, there is an xml tag section starting "mergedhelpfiles". The list of files here is used to generate the [MERGE FILES] section of the hhp file. This list didn't correspond with the list of linked CHM files in my table of contents.

              So I manually edited the files and now the correct list of files is being placed in the HHP file.