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    Premiere pro cc 2018 & 2019 freezes

    ronbr5252 Level 1



      I'm having lots of problems with both premiere pro CC 2018 & 2019 and it started to accrue 3 days ago, before that everything ran smoothly on my computer.

      After I had issues with the 2018 version I've decided to update to 2019 to hopefully solve the problem. 

      The program suddenly freezes with no reason, I can still move the cursor and click on buttons but the source and program monitor are not working. In different cases, it will show me "media pending".

      After that, I need to close the program but it won't close until I close it manually from the task manager.


      My computer:

      Lenovo legion y720


      16G RAM

      512SSD (The project is on the computer after I thought that maybe the problem is related to my external hard disk)

      Geforce 1060 GTX (I've updated the drivers)


      I've tried to find a solution online and I couldn't find any, This is a huge problem for me because I'm wasting a lot of time on restarting the program more than 10 times a day.