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    Premiere 13.0 and 4th Gen Intel processor?

    pablogrollan Level 1

      Hi all!


      I know the "new" requirements for Premiere CC state that you need a 6th generation Intel processor on Win 10, but has anyone tried it on older processors such as 5th and 4th gen?

      I have an old i7 4771, but the rest of the system is OK: W10, 32GB RAM, GTX1070 (which is not listed as "supported" but works just as fine) and 4 SSDs to distribute the tasks.

      I know I should be upgrading, but a change in processor means a change in mobo and RAM... My question is: Is the 6th gen requirement a real "condition" or do old processors work -not as fast, obviously- just like the ton of non-approved GTX Nvidia cards that work just as fine as the approved ones.


      Thanks for your help!