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    target size instead of target bitrate?

    mattl35968066 Level 1

      I render multiple versions of a video from a client monthly that need to be as close to 300mb as possible without exceeding. I usually use a bitrate calculator and enter the correct target bitrate for each file which works fine.


      Now I'm trying to offload this to a network machine so it free's up my station instead of rendering all day. I've got my project setup with a watch folder which auto-loads into the queue on my network machine fine, but it seems I can't change the render setting per file when projects are loaded into the queue this way. The multiple versions I'm rendering are varying lengths so I can't really set a singular bitrate for all files as they'll end up not being the same size.


      My question is this, Is there a way to:
      Set a max or target file size so bitrate get's calculated automatically?


      Change the render settings of a project added to a watch folder on a per file basis. (Making multiple watch folders is an option but not ideal as there's many different lengths of videos)