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    target size instead of target bitrate?


      I render multiple versions of a video from a client monthly that need to be as close to 300mb as possible without exceeding. I usually use a bitrate calculator and enter the correct target bitrate for each file which works fine.


      Now I'm trying to offload this to a network machine so it free's up my station instead of rendering all day. I've got my project setup with a watch folder which auto-loads into the queue on my network machine fine, but it seems I can't change the render setting per file when projects are loaded into the queue this way. The multiple versions I'm rendering are varying lengths so I can't really set a singular bitrate for all files as they'll end up not being the same size.


      My question is this, Is there a way to:
      Set a max or target file size so bitrate get's calculated automatically?


      Change the render settings of a project added to a watch folder on a per file basis. (Making multiple watch folders is an option but not ideal as there's many different lengths of videos)

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          Agreed! I am still stuck using Quick Time Pro 7 from about 5 years ago as Media Encoder doesn't have this, or at least I can't work how to do it. Having a target file size is often crucial and there's no way of doing it.

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            imeilfx Level 4

            After Codec (it was made for AE but it also works in PPOro and AME) plugin have ability to set target file size for rendered files. You can download it and try ... and if it gives you proper file size - buy it. I'm a user but not for target size (I never use it to be honnest) but for render times ... that little thing can make files faster and smaller (that is a prioryty in my line of work) and with great quality.
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