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    Media encoder fails to create the video towards the end

    saherm8799992 Level 1

      Hey, for some reason AME fails to create the video when its on 100% progress leaving me with 3 different files which are .mp4 .aac and m4v.. is there any way to uses these files without having to encode again?


      and heres the error report

      - Video: 1920x1080 (1.0), 29.97 fps, Progressive, Hardware Encoding, 01;49;59;21

      - Audio: AAC, 320 kbps, 48 kHz, Stereo

      - Bitrate: VBR, 1 pass, Target 12.00 Mbps

      - Encoding Time: 20:22:54

      10/17/2018 08:43:13 AM : File Encoded with warning


      File importer detected an inconsistency in the file structure of Sequence 02.mp4.  Reading and writing this file's metadata (XMP) has been disabled.



      Adobe Media Encoder

      Could not write XMP data in output file.








      10/17/2018 08:43:14 AM : Queue Stopped