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    Another crash sufferer- I think Adobe hates me...

    johnc93947693 Level 1

      This is the 4th attempt I’ve made to post a question and even as I’m typing(in Word to copy/paste), the forum website is still loading the page. Is anyone else experiencing this? IS the forum site always this slow? Youtube was down longer than it’s taking to load this page.


      That aside, like many others, the new version of Pro will open, let me import one file, and then crash. I’ve un/reinstalled one or both versions several different times, dumped my preferences, started new projects, gone back to old version, etc. Basically every other fix that helpful people have offered in the last few days. I get the same results even when I’ve uninstalled the 13 and am only running 12.1.2. It ran fine before the update.




      Specs: Windows 10 (latest update)

      AMD A10-7800, Radeon R7 4C+8G 3.5GHz (latest updates)

      12G RAM

      64-bit OS, x64 processor


      Any other ideas?