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    Premiere CC 2019 Crashes on Import

    GGreathouseKV Level 1

      I just installed Adobe Premiere CC 2019 yesterday and the crash on Import problem from 2018 started again.  It's totally random.


      This time I have video of the process, so we can skip the entire "What type of File" argument people tend to latch on to. As you can plainly see, the software crashes BEFORE I get a chance to choose the file I want to import.


      This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Premiere isn't generating a crash log, so I can't post anything here. There isn't anything relevant listed in the Windows event viewer. I have nothing to go on here.



      My specs...

      Win 10 Enterprise 10.0.17134 Build 17134

      Dell Precision 7510

      Intel Xeon E3-1505M V5 @ 2.80 GHz

      32GB of Ram


      All drivers, video and otherwise, are fully updated.

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          FocusPulling.com Level 2

          I get this CONSTANTLY.  On a very high-spec'ed system, with no problems in any other application.  It's a bug that Adobe has not even bothered investigating for quite a while by now.

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            GGreathouseKV Level 1

            I had this with 2018. The only feedback I hear from Adobe are folk that don't read the entire post asking me the type of file I'm trying to import. When I point out the problem isn't with file types, I'm met with silence.


            So I guess we're asking Adobe again, can you please help us with this? Can you at least confirm that you've read, watched and understand my post and are looking into the issue? This bug is costing people real world money.

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              johnc93947693 Level 1

              I have it too. Poor guy from support was remote connected to my computer for over an hour and still couldn't fix it. He did a complete wipe of Adobe stuff and complete reinstall with 12.1.2 and still couldn't get it to work. I'm about to contact them again since he left my case open.

              Good luck.

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                GGreathouseKV Level 1

                Still nothing from Adobe, huh? Almost a week and not even a single acknowledgment from Adobe that anybody is taking this issue seriously.

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                  trevor918 Level 1

                  Yeah I am having all sorts of problems.  I guess I have to redo an edit on 2018 since my 2019 editing files are not backward compatible with 2018.  So frustrating...

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                    antonys16241490 Level 1

                    I'm getting this same issue too also on a high end system with lots of ram and 1070 gpu. Trying to import 160mb h264

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                      XAlps_video Level 1

                      Same here, double-clicking on an empty area in the project makes PPCC2019 freeze. Drag & Drop from Explorer to PP-project panel is fine though...

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                        michaelk7987071 Level 1

                        I had this issue today. I found in old blog posts that this has been a common issue each time a new version is released, with the new software bugging out when dealing with project files created by earlier versions of the software.


                        I fixed the problem by creating a new project file (made by Premiere CC 2019) and then importing the old project file (made by Premiere CC 2018). No issues since then.

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                          GGreathouseKV Level 1

                          It's been months and this is still happening. Is anybody from Adobe listening? I lost an entire afternoon to this issue yesterday.

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                            ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Which version of Premiere Pro are you using? (Help menu > About Adobe Premiere Pro...)


                            There was an Importing issue fixed a couple weeks ago with the release of Premiere Pro 13.0.1:


                            Bugs fixed in versions 13.0.1 and 13.0 releases of Premiere Pro


                            You can use Help > Updates... to get the latest version.

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                              GGreathouseKV Level 1

                              I'm running 13.0.1 Build 13.


                              It was happening to me all afternoon yesterday. I myself have tried the following.

                              Disabling as many graphical enhancements that Windows allows me to.

                              Disabling the Quadro card and forcing Premiere to use the Intel video card.

                              Updating all drivers, including video drivers.

                              Logging out and logging back in.

                              Dumping my Adobe cache.

                              Uninstalling and reinstalling everything with the Adobe removal tool.



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                                ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                Sorry for the difficulty you're having. Does your computer meet all of Adobe's latest system requirements for Premiere Pro?


                                Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements


                                If so, could you please submit your experience and feedback here? That is what's recommended to be the most effective action in such situations:


                                Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                                  GGreathouseKV Level 1

                                  Yes, as you can see from my first post my system specs meet or exceed the requirements.


                                  I've now submitted the bug to the report form.


                                  Any other advice? I've been in "Wait and See" mode since July, and it's now mid November...

                                  Re: Premiere CC 2018 keep crashing when import files!


                                  At this point the only reason I'm still using Premiere is that my company doesn't have the budget to set me up with a new Mac and a copy of Final Cut. Moving forward I'll remember the past five months and take that into consideration when budgets are renewed and technology is upgraded.

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                                    davids94266888 Level 1

                                    I had a similar problem where Premiere Pro CC crashed soon after startup.  I DISABLED the embedded Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU.  Then Premiere Pro CC started to work.  The NEW computer (two weeks) had driver version  Once I manually updated it to version, the crashes stopped.  However, there is an Intel process that continually back dates the driver.  I will be reporting this to Dell.

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                                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                      Have you updated to 13.0.1, GGreathouseKV? Still facing this issue? Have you contacted us? Contact Customer Care Let us know what's going on.



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                                        GGreathouseKV Level 1

                                        Yes, I've updated.


                                        Thankfully, Wes Howell is now working with me directly to help diagnose the problem.


                                        I do have a small update that I will also message him directly about. This problem happens on my laptop when I have it setup with multiple monitors and, just discovered yesterday, when I'm using it by itself with no other monitors attached. That means exporting video via HDMI, display port or vga isn't the cause.

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                                          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


                                          Sorry, these forums posts are not support tickets, and are chiefly user to user based, so a response from "Adobe" is not guaranteed. You actually have to contact us to get help from us. Here is the link: Contact Customer Care


                                          Sounds like you are in contact with Wes, so please continue to provide him the info he needs to help you solve this issue for good.


                                          Thank You,

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                                            MMCC Forensic Level 1

                                            I was having the same problem, on a much lesser powered machine (single HD, built-in Intel graphics, only one hard drive [physical platters], etc.), but it would lock up regularly doing such basic tasks as presenting the Import File dialog (before you could even get to the point of actually selecting files to import), including dragging-and-dropping directly from the Windows Explorer to the Project Bin. Once I got that to work, I was able to build a simple Sequence, then when I went to Export it to Media, the program again locked up for hours (grayed-out entire screen!) before it would even display the Export dialog box, before selecting so much as an Export Profile, let alone making any customizations. Once that finally appeared, it still wouldn’t respond to any user action, not even an attempt to close the dialog. I had to End Task from Task Master.


                                            Then, inspired by another thread, I went through and End Tasked every Process to do with either Premiere Pro or Creative Cloud (first closed Creative Cloud Desktop’s window the proper way). Then I relaunched Premiere Pro CC2019 13.0.1 by re-opening my saved project (saved before my most recent changes, so I had lost a bit of work but nothing major) straight from Windows Explorer. Now it worked fine! In minutes I had my exported media! (Granted, this was a simple SD-resolution project, but still, it was locking up hard before.)


                                            This leads me to believe that the underlying problem may be in the interaction with Creative Cloud itself, possibly its licensing / usage verification functionality.


                                            To anyone else who comes here, be sure to try that first before doing something as drastic as reinstalling your OS or even Premiere Pro / Creative Cloud.

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                                              jphelps2630 Level 1

                                              I've run into this problem intermittently on Premiere Pro 2018 and 2019. I'd try to drag a group of MP4 files into Premiere and it would immediately hang saying that it was not responding. After clearing caches, temporary files, etc. and finding that this was a complete waste of time, I thought maybe it was caused by trying to import multiple files at the same time.

                                              So I tried importing one MP4 file and it worked! Then I tried another. Worked! That I tried a third and Premiere crashed. The first two came from my Sony A7s. The third one came from my Samsung S8 cell phone.

                                              So then I thought that maybe it was the MP4 files from Samsung S8 but I had use them lots of times before and they had always worked. Finally after much experimentation, I discovered that it was one single MP4 file from the Samsung S8 that was causing Premiere to hang. It just couldn't import that particular file. The file played okay using Bridge, Lightroom, Windows 10 Movies & TV and ACDSee Pro. So clearly, the file itself wasn't broken. Then I thought well maybe I could import it into Rush and then export it to use in Premiere. Nope. Rush crashed trying to import it as well. It appears to be some kind of obscure bug in Adobe's import routine that's shared across Premiere and Rush. And it only occurs with some MP4 files.

                                              Bottom line – I ended up importing the file into an old version of PowerDirector and then exporting it as a standard MP4 file. Once PowerDirector had had a chance to work on it, Premiere Pro was able to import it with no problem.