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    LR CC 8 issues with Enfuse

    pete424 Level 1

      I am a real estate photographer and I have been using the Enfuse plug-in for years. I shoot 3 shot exposure brackets, edit the 3 shots individually in Lightroom then open the Enfuse plug-in, it blends the 3 exposures and they open in Bridge, then on to Photoshop where they get cropped, sharpened etc. Since the Lightroom update to 8, I get this error:


      WIN32 API error 2.JPG

      I seem to recall this coming up at another point when we had a full number update. Someone much smarter then me explained to open the export dialog box and choose "Do nothing" in the "Post Processing" section and this corrected the problem. I went there (in 8) and found Do nothing in the box. So I have a continuing issue. It appears that all 3 exposures are being blended and exported to Bridge as they should be but I am getting the error in LR. I would appreciate any thoughts.

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi pete424,

          Sorry that you're getting "error 2 Win 32 API" while using the Enfuse plugin after the recent Lightroom Classic CC 8.0 update.


          I see that what you've mentioned is somewhat related to this thread Win32 API error 2 ("The system cannot find the file specified.") when calling ShellExecuteExW from A

          However, as you've mentioned that changing the "After export> post-processing" field to "do nothing" doesn't make any difference.


          I'd recommend that you reinstall the plugin once and also check that the plugin manufacturer has updated it to work with Lightroom Classic CC 8.0.




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            johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

            If ensuring you have the most recent version of the plugin and reinstalling it don't help, you could try defining a new export preset with the exact same settings as the existing one. (Refer to a screenshot of the existing one when defining the new one.) 


            As a plugin developer, I've encountered this error a few times in situations where the Post-Processing field was assuredly Do Nothing. Defining a preset from scratch corrected the problem.

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